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New Release for 2004 - Crystal Draughts

Crystal Draughts is very much like Chinese Checkers, but played on a vertical, woven, molecular game board.  Easier for most people to learn to play than Time Vectors, this fascinating and beautiful strategy game can be played by 2, 3, or 6 players ages 8 and up.  The wooden parts are interchangeable with Time Vectors, so if you own one game, just add the other game expansion kit consisting of the game boards, game manual, and token set.  They will both fit in one game box for easy storage.

Crystal Draughts is the newest JDB 3-D strategy game for 2004.  This game is very much like Chinese Checkers.  Two, three, or six players ages 8 and above can easily learn the rules in a couple of minutes, but the game will keep you fascinated for a lifetime.  Games usually run 30-50 minutes, and like all other JDB Games, a very entertaining way to get a little circulation going through the brain.

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Game Expansion Pack

Are you a Time  Vectors owner?  Great news!  The wooden parts are interchangeable with this game, so all you need to purchase is the game expansion (contains boards, tokens in bag, and game manual).  


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