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Educational Benefits of JDB Games Products

One of the greatest benefits about offering games to the public is the opportunity to sneak some education in.  Many games are educationally beneficial in ways which are not immediately apparent, our games are greatly so.  When children play our games, it requires they learn valuable conceptual skills.  We observe how enjoyable it is for them to compete using their minds, and how excitedly they learn.  The games help stimulate information assimilation and retention.  We also hope more people grow to regard abstract strategy gaming as an enjoyable, healthy social activity throughout life.  This must begin with a positive childhood experience.

Spatial Reasoning in 3rd-5th Grade Math Development

Multi-dimensional games like the  Time Vectors and Crystal Draughts require the player to equate similar patterns on different planes in a logical order.  Our games are a great exercise in working with spatial relationships.  Children need to associate the different vertical boards mentally in order to play the games, and as they practice, they gain a facility with thinking along the different dimensions.  Exposure to this for children of this age group is vital if they are to have an understanding of algebraic and geometric concepts in secondary education and beyond.

Mid and High School Level Geometric, Algebraic, Discrete Math Concepts

Attention getting examples of integrating dimensions in Time Vectors and GRYB Game System can aid in conceptualization for secondary school students.  High school computer programming students using the GRYB Game System as a model of a tree data structure may gain a new insight into hierarchical and exponential structures.

Cooperative Creative Endeavor

An additional benefit of the GRYB Game System is the ability for players to invent their own games.  This is beneficial from two major standpoints; math reasoning and cooperative creative endeavor.  Students have the opportunity to create their own game and then enjoy playing it.  This reinforces cooperation as it strengthens math conceptualization.


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