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GRYB® is a game for two and possibly more players. The object of the game is simple— get four tokens arranged so that they form a "GRYB." As you may have guessed GRYB stands for Green Red Yellow Blue, and the game is fascinating and challenging.  Winning moves called "GRYBs" can be of differing degrees of complexity, and are worth from 1 to 15 points.   GRYB is one of the most mentally-stimulating games you could ever wear on your head.


Invent Your Own Rules

We have player's versions of GRYB rules.  If you have a favorite set of parameters you play by-- let us know.  We may put them up here on the site.  We also want to know about any new parameters or ways to utilize other games in concordance with GRYB.


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View Game System Manual

To view the manual you must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed on your computer.  Click on the image below or HERE if you need to install it.

GRYB Game System Benefits

  • This unique game comes on a bandanna, so you can wear it, fold it and put in your pocket, or wipe up spills.
  • With GRYB, it is possible to fit dimes and pennies as tokens, so about $3 will buy enough game tokens from any cashier in the USA.  (Non-negotiable game tokens are provided with the game).
  • Playing GRYB makes you a very spatial person.


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